Best Wedding Venues In Hull


Hallmark Hotels Hull Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be quite a task, especially when you’re looking into having your wedding in Hull. There are just so many different places to choose from in Hull, but luckily some venues stand out more so than the others. The following places offer beautiful atmospheres, decent space, and a lot of room to explore various themes for your wedding. At Hull, you will definitely find the perfect venue for your wedding. Continue reading


Exercise Routines for a Busy Lifestyle

Researchers believe that a few years down the line half of the UK population will suffer from obesity. The National Obesity Forum said. “The UK is in danger of surpassing the ‘doomsday scenario’ portrayed in the 2007 report which predicted that half of the nation would be obese by 2050.” As the The Independent reports that, “By 2030 there will be 26 million people in the UK who are obese – a rise of 73% from the current 15 million.”

The fast paced world today demands so much of our time that it has taken over what we eat and how we spend our time. The use of cars, tight work schedule, lifts, machinery, escalators and so on has contributed to an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habit. The energy input has become greater than the energy output which translate into excess weight and eventually leads to obesity related problems.

The statistics are quite scary and there are so many barriers to getting the required amount of exercise however spending at least 30 minutes a day on physical activity will keep those health problems at bay.


This is known as the weight bearing exercise which is a great way to maintain overall health. Spending 30 minutes daily on this physical activity will help reduce body fat, increase cholesterol fitness, improve blood pressure and muscle strength. Using the stairs or walking to the office from the parking lot is a great way to incorporate this activity into the daily routine. According to Dr Andrew Weil MD, says that, “it’s the perfect exercise because it’s what we were were designed to do. Since walking is something we can do indoors, outdoors, or with friends, and because it’s one of the safest exercises — making injury rates very low —it’s an essential exercise to incorporate into our lifestyles.”

Working out at work

Trying to avail every opportunity for a quick workout session at work is the key. Keeping an exercising ball or dumbbells in the office makes it possible to steal a quick moment for those presses and crunches. Joan Price, author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book. points out that, “We are made to move, not sit at a desk 12 hours a day. As ergonomic as your desk or chair may be, sitting produces back pains, headaches, and listlessness. You become less productive.”

Early to bed and early to rise policy

There is nothing like en early riser. You are ahead of the game and can actually get the time to tick off exercising from your daily to do list. According to Brett and Kate McKay, The Art of Manliness, “the benefit of waking up early is increased productivity- The world is a much quieter place at 6AM in the morning. The kiddos are probably still asleep and businesses haven’t opened yet. You can use this time to get a head start on the day. Plan out your day, work on your side business, catch up on emails, exercise, or take care of those annoying administrative things that tend to get overlooked during the workday.”